Since our inception, LIV’s leadership has been committed to developing people as well as communities.  We have a double bottom line mentality – Invest Well and Do Good.  We seek to create apartment communities where residents can be connected and live better.  In 2013, Steve Ankenbrandt, Ryan Griffin and Robb Crumpton founded LIV Community Partners, a 501c3 non-profit whose objective is to foster connection and build community within our properties.  We see our apartments as not only a place where residents live, but a place where they thrive in a connected community.

Our opportunities to do good have grown with our success.  As we continue to grow our portfolio of properties, we are continuously indemnifying opportunities to impact residents’ lives and enhance communities.

LIV Community Partners 

Born from a belief that every individual is created for community and a passion for doing good, LIV Community Partners enriches lives, fosters connection and serves the residents, employees and neighborhoods of LIV properties.  A non-profit 501c3 organization, LIV Community Partners propels LIV’s mission to “Invest Well and Do Good.”

Helping residents live better lives has long been at the core of every LIV investment.  Each property is designed and operated in a way that help our residents live better, healthier and more fulfilled lives.  This work culminates within LIV Community Partners through dynamic programming and resources that support residents and communities.

LIV Community Partners nurtures lives through:

Developing Community:  Intentionally becoming involved and connected to the lives of others.

Fostering Engagement:  A better life is a life that gives to others.

Investing in People:  Offering holistic support as needed – emotionally, socially, financially, and spiritually.


The mission of LIV Community Partners is to nurture the lives of individuals who are connected and planted in the soil we call LIV.  Our purpose is to create fertile ground for residents, employees and communities to grow, thrive flourish and bear fruit.  LIV Community Partners models the importance of a life invested in others and the fulfillment that comes from serving our neighbors.

The ultimate goal is to bring about human flourishing and to enhance the lives of all who interact with LIV.


LIV Community Partners offers dynamic programs to enrich the lives of individuals residing in LIV properties and the surround communities.

LIV Community Partners sources and places “Teams” who live onsite at LIV properties to live out God’s calling to love their neighbors in real, tangible ways.  Teams facilitate connection with residents and provide support and resources during difficult times.  Teams welcome new residents, plan monthly social events, and care for residents and property staff in times of need.

LIV Community Partners oversees the “Resident Relief Initiative”, a fund that is a bridge that helps responsible residents stay in their homes during a singular, unexpected financial emergency.  Whether it’s a temporary job interruption, an auto accident, a medical emergency, natural disaster or something else, the Resident Relief Initiative provides qualified applicants housing stability during a chaotic time.

LIV Community Partners seeks to organize and engage in Community Outreach, which supports health and lifelong learning for residents and increases connection through participation in social and philanthropic activities.  LIV Community Partners collaborates with leaders and organization to provide services such as tutoring, ESL classes, financial planning, counseling and more.